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The Best Reputation Management Software
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You decide to google your business and found that you aren’t doing as well as you thought

In spite of your best efforts, some of your customers are NOT happy and they’re telling everyone with negative customer feedback

Negative reviews hurt emotionally and financially—they are not going away on their own

Managing your reviews manually is difficult

Sometimes you’re not even aware of all the reviews on every review site

 It takes time to manage your online reviews without a review management software system in place…time that you don’t have

You may want to consider…

Crowds Love Me - Best Reputation Management Software

Crowds Love Me - Best Reputation Management Software

 BEST Online Review Management Software
BEST Online Reputation Software
BEST Review Monitoring for Customer Reviews
BEST Way to Generate reviews
Optimal Business Reputation Improvement

Plus, the Price Performance LEADER

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Features & Benefits with the best reputation management software

Alert everyone on your team who needs to know when new reviews are published on the Web

Respond from a central "Command Center" for reviews and keep track of issue statuses

Report on trends and ROI for reviews of yours and your clients' businesses

Warren Buffet

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to run it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

Warren Buffett


Best online reputation management platform


Crowds Love Us review management software provides all-in-one access to manage your online reputation with a Dashboard, Detailed Analysis, and UNIQUE customizations for a tailored, faster, and stable experience. Features include:

BEST Administration

Crowds Love Us grants access levels for every type of user, so multiple team members can manage your reputation using just the features they need to do their job. The platform even includes an optimized email system designed to get you past the spam filters—critical when sending thousands of requests to review your product or service.

BEST Mobile Access to Manage Online Reviews

Unlike other online reputation management software services (also known as review management software) that provides a “light” app with scaled down features, Crowds Love Us has full-featured web access optimized for mobile devices. You get the same powerful mobile capabilities as a desktop at ultra-fast speeds.

One of the MOST Secure – Online Reviews

Crowds Love Us delivers secure admin access with full data encryption, double encrypted passwords, including the unique ability to hide client’s names, making it one of the industry’s most secure review management software with full 3rd party verified HIPAA Compliance.

One of the MOST Stable Online Review Management Services

Crowds Love Us is renowned for reliability. Monitored 24/7 with a minimal 99.9% verified up-time, you’ll be able to monitor reviews and increase your ability to respond to negative customer reviews before they cause damage.


Crowds Love Us provides a thorough business reputation analysis of your online business reviews while giving you a comprehensive view of your online reputation. By utilizing the online reputation management tools, you can see a clear line of growth and productivity.

BEST Online Reputation Management Dashboard

With the industry’s most customizable role-based dashboards, you can design your preferred layout using robust filters based on ratings, date, source, review site, marketing campaign type, and more.

BEST Business Reporting

The Crowds Love Us online reputation management software includes competitive rankings, ratings and reviews over time, timeline reports, with customizable filters, even showing if your listings are consistent. The email reports with detailed graphs show you your Net Promoter Score and can be customized to match your brand identity and company logo.

MOST Review Sites Reviewed​​​​​​​

Crowds Love Us monitors the MOST review sites of any other online reputation management service (over 600 vs less than 250 with other online review platforms), ensuring you have the widest coverage and reduces the risk of missing any review opportunities

Best review monitoring for customer reviews

best way to generate reviews

customer market research with best ROI


Crowds Love Me provides the most versatile online reputation management software with marketing campaigns and market research surveys designed around your business to get more customer feedback which converts into more public reviews online.

Global Access to Online Reviews​​​​​​​

Crowds Love Me is the ONLY Online Review Management software company that offers 26 different languages, providing you unlimited global access for local and international business reputation management.

Review Marketing

Customer-driven marketing with drip, review, and automated campaigns that are fully customizable and timed perfectly. Crowds Love Me Patent Pending Automatic Email Domain Correction ensures that you are reaching your customers without error.

Visual Preview of your Review Generation

A panoramic view of your entire online review flow is available on one interactive screen (showing locations, stars, positive responses, negative red flags and more)–all on one screen–within your review management software.

Customer Market Research Surveys

Fully customizable surveys tell you exactly how your customers feel about your product or service—helping you fully address significant issues.

BEST ROI Conversion Reports

To see the ROI for your efforts, look no further than our matching system. ReviewInc is the only online reputation management review software that matches customer reviews and reports private customer feedback requests to public reviews.


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Why Choose Us?

why reputation management

100 marketing agencies used across a broad

because the best form of marketing is a good name


Monitor many reviews sites per business location from selection of over 600 review sites
Location Management – Identify which locations drive positive sentiment and which detract from a brand.
Listing Verification: Verify business name, address, URL, and phone number for each location.
Centralized report of all public reviews and private feedback collected – updated daily, weekly or monthly (price varies)
Sort and view reviews by date, review site, or business location


Includes everything in the “Monitoring Only” package but with unlimited review sites per location.

⇒ Customized private feedback collection service with your business logo
⇒ Route “happy” reviewers and track click-through to public review sites
⇒ Campaign for reviews via automated email, bulk email, SMS to mobile phones, kiosk, web links, embedded forms, QR-Code and Facebook.
⇒ Optional time-stamped coupons with every review
⇒ Customized thank you page and email with option to add a thank video, graphics and other custom content
⇒ Automated review request service with override options
⇒ Smart resend rules when no feedback or reviews are received
⇒ Add and track custom survey questions to your review service
⇒ Customize review collection forms at the individual location level with customized survey questions
⇒ Instant alerts when receiving negative feedback
⇒ Links to your other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, website, blog and more.
⇒ One-click sharing of testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, and HootSuite
⇒ Facebook application to add review collection and testimonials to your Facebook page
⇒ No limits on reviews collections and review campaigns (subject to fair use policy)
⇒ Additional customizations with multiple review flows

One Central Dashboard to Rule It All

one central dashboard to rule it all

  • Monitor reviews from a central "Command Center"
  • Respond to Google and Facebook reviews right from the dashboard
  • Easily filter by sentiment and review site
  • Share your best reviews on Facebook and Twitter

Acquire More Authentic Customer Reviews


Automate multi-channel review acquisition campaigns via email and text message.


Optimize your review portfolio by earning positive reviews distributed across Google, Facebook, and the industry-specific review sites that matter to you.


Protect you reputation with a system that proactively segments your happy customers and catches your unhappy customers to recover a negative brand experience.

acquire more authentic customer reviews

Automatically Generate New Reviews

automatically generate new reviews - text
automatically generate new reviews - email
automatically generate new reviews - kiosk mode
automatically generate new reviews - qr codes

Stream your Greatest Reviews To Your Website

stream you greatest reviews to your website

Stream your best reviews on multiple pages on your website with an easily configurable plugin (compatible with WordPress)

Share positive reviews automatically on Facebook and Twitter

Showcase reviews with schema SEO-friendly markup to earn stars in organic search results and drive visibility to your business


  • Posting reviews on behalf of reviewers is against the terms of service of many review sites. If a review site suspects this type of activity, they may choose to remove all reviews and possibility add a “consumer alert” to a business listing
    indicating that business violated their terms of service.
  • Due to the aggressive filtering techniques of the review sites, the process of posting reviews on behalf of customers is an expensive, labor intensive process to avoid filtering and the dreaded “consumer alert”.
  • While some companies claim they can provide this service, we offer a better, safer and less expensive approach that is authentic and reliable.
  • Reviews can be collected via email, campaign services, QR-Codes, a “Rate Us” button on a client’s website, an embedded form on a client’s website, or on a tablet at the client’s office. Any smartphone can be used to collect a review which is why our service is optimized for smartphones for quick upload and navigation.
  • That really depends the number of reviewers, the configuration of the service, usage of the campaigns and follow up message.
  • Typically, it takes 3 to 6 months to start seeing noticeable results.

The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google search results!

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