Technology Madness is all about helping the individual understand different platforms that can offer you the easiest way to get your weekly and business life with the right solution. My goal is to design this talk so you may save money by doing more by yourself in more of an efficient time by choosing the right systems and the right processes the first time. join me Jonathan Carlson on this journey of blowing the tech industry wide open with technology madness. We will have a new show every Friday at 8 PM Pacific standard time we look forward in helping you grow your business and your technology no how with this podcast. We’ll will see you on the other side!


The speaker of Technology Madness Podcast. Johnathan Carlson is also the owner of Evolution Solution Marketing a company that help manny with there online marketing needs. Johnathan love helping people with other business owner with there problem bigger the problem better Johnathan loves.

Johnathan wanted to make a Podcast for so long. Have finding the time he will be hosting the Technology Madness show happening every Friday at 8pm pst. The focus of these are not just to tell you how but help you grow. You should beablet to walk away and use what you have learned a min after hearing what Johnathan will be teaching you.

A few things that we will be covering is CRM Facebook Pages how to setup and running Facebook ads. How to get better opeing rates for your business or how every want to us it. There so much to go over so let get started and as Johnathan will say "We will see you on the flip side"

You can find the past talks here: